Social Studies Teachers Association


Canada's History has THREE contests
1. The Governor General's History Awards for Excellence in Teaching ....$2500 + $1000 for your school, trip to Ottawa for medal presentation with G.G. and a trip to Europe.....(deadline April 1st) Nominate a teacher - or apply yourself! Last year, Rebecca Fraser from Yarmouth Regional was a finalist, and in 2011 Andrew Stickings from Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth Park was a winner.
2. The Government of Canada History Award for Students...$1000... (deadline April 23) - Open to grade 10 and 11 students- Essay themes include Canada in the 20th C., Women's Suffrage, Lafontaine & Baldwin, Aboriginal & Treaty Rights and the Immigration Experience.
The Government of Canada History Awards
$285,000 in prizes for students and teachers! 
3. The Government of Canada History Awards for Teachers ... $2000...(deadline April 23) - Lesson plan (projects) themes include French-English Relations, Canada in the 20th C., Topics in Aboriginal History
4. Nova Scotia Map Competition

Deadline March 31st

5. International History Bee and Bowl

Nova Scotia Competition April 3rd, 2016