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The website includes short, focused, age-specific, single-lesson MysteryQuests lesson plans related to one or more of the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History ( Each of the MysteryQuest lessons employs the popular and student-friendly WebQuest format to present a lesson that uses The Critical Thinking Consortium's "Critical Challenge" approach and a small selection of primary documents from the sites to create short by powerful lessons.

A team of historians have been trying to solve some historical "cold cases" -- old crimes in which the guilty ones walked, and even more insidious crimes where a whole village may have been complicit. There are other mysteries too, about unusual cases from the Viking age to the Klondike Gold Rush.

“Esri Canada’s Education team actively supports teachers and educators by continuously developing new resources and collecting GIS-related information that can be incorporated into your curriculum. Choose from full lesson packs, videos, Web sites, data and books to engage your students, encourage critical thinking skills and foster creativity in the classroom.  Esri Canada’s Lesson Planner  contains a wealth of searchable lessons that can be applied to numerous subject matter (science, math, history, geography) and throughout many grades (3 – 12).

Getting Started?  Try out the Map My Community  lesson where students use ArcGIS Online to create a community plan that highlights key features and land use areas within their local community.

Need Data?  Search our Open Data Map   to find free data resources across Canada.

Resources for the classroom

The peaceful society we enjoy has been created by the efforts and sacrifices of generations of Canadians who have put their lives on the line in the cause of peace and freedom around the world. Remembering all that they have done during times of war, military conflict and peace helps us to better understand our nation's history and its future.

These resources are provided to help ensure that the torch of Remembrance continues to burn brightly in the hearts of all Canadians.  Link here

The long term aims of the Consortium are to:

  • enhance student ability and inclination to think critically
  • deepen student understanding of the curriculum
  • promote student engagement with the world
  • nurture student willingness to act in thoughtful, responsible ways

Mission Statement: The Consortium’s mandate is to support the infusion of critical thinking across all subject areas from the primary grades to graduate school. Working with a common conception of critical thinking, the three major functions are to:

  • coordinate and act as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information and the utilization of face-to-face and online services and digital and print resources
  • sponsor and facilitate face-to-face and online programs and projects to enhance educators' understanding and abilities
  • raise and generate funds to support the Consortium’s efforts and those of its individual members
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Conversations About the Holocaust

This blog is devoted to discussing the latest in Holocaust research, pedagogical developments and teaching about the Holocaust. Blog author Carson Phillips looks forward to sharing ideas and developments in the field of Holocaust studies and education. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is the Head of Education, with the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre (UJA Federation of Greater Toronto). He is also a PhD Candidate at York University, an editorial board member of PRISM- An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators a Jewish Foundation for the Righteous Lerner Fellow and since 2009 a Canadian delegate to the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.

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Exemple.jpgCanadawiki is a wiki with an all-Canadian focus. Canadawiki aims to provide an environment where Canadians can share and manage deeper, local content.

Invite a veteran to speak in your class - The Memory Project sponsored by the Dominion Institute  - now also available print and on line resources including the "Passage to Canada" activities and resources.

 Get your class to go exploring!

Daniel N. Paul offers Social Studies teachers access to first hand information historical information about First Nations Peoples

E-Stat Data Update   E-STAT is Statistics Canada's interactive learning tool designed with the needs and interests of the education community in mind. E-STAT offers an enormous warehouse of reliable and timely statistics about Canada and its ever-changing people.

Maple Leaf Web is a non-profit, non-partisan Canadian political education web-site that aims to provide educators, students and the attentive public with a credible source for political education and information.

Located at the University of Lethbridge, in Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada), Maple Leaf Web publishes original articles and features on Canadian political events and institutions and provides important links to a wide range of external resources.

Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association

Our mission is to educate all Canadians on the role of Canada's soldiers in the Battle of Hong Kong and on the effects of the internment of the battle’s survivors on both the soldiers and their families. We also assist in the support and welfare of Hong Kong veterans and their widows.

SEEDS is a national not-for-profit foundation, it is estimated that  literally millions of Canadian students and their families  have been impacted by SEEDS since 1976. SEEDS is an acronym for the Society, Environment and Energy Development Studies Foundation. The SEEDS Foundation mission is “to develop and provide environmental sustainability and energy education resources to support Canadian educators as they promote student literacy and encourage their students to take personal action and societal responsibility for energy, sustainability, and the environment”.

Canada Remembers Program of Veterans Affairs Canada 

History of Canada Online (HCO)
Nova Scotia Museum Resources
The Parliament of Canada is pleased to offer a comprehensive collection of programs and resources for teachers.  Le Parlement du Canada est heureux de proposer aux enseignants une vaste collection de ressources et de programmes.
The Atlas of Canada